A complete, unique ecosystem that includes unique software to reduce farmers' costs, a marketplace, irrigation equipment, a unique social network for farmers, smart sensors and a vertical farm.

We want to completely change the concept of agriculture. We are the future of agriculture. Bringing tomorrow's farming, today

Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture

  • Sensors & Monitoring

    ▪ Software
    ▪ Hardware
    ▪ Internal
    ▪ External
    ▪ Water / Nutrients / Environment
    ▪ In real-time

  • Irrigation

    ▪ Management of water
    ▪ Communication between irrigation inputs

  • Precision Software

    ▪ Pest control
    ▪ Precise dosing
    ▪ Fertilization plans

  • Fertigation Management

    ▪ Smart control
    ▪ Precision
    ▪ Chemigation
    ▪ Fertigation
    ▪ Dosing
    ▪ Gateway for data

  • Real-time consulting services

    ▪ Agronomists
    ▪ Knowledge sharing

  • Online marketplace

    ▪ Sell produce
    ▪ Buy inputs
    ▪ Lease or buy Equipment
    ▪ Hire employees

  • Indoor farming

    ▪ Combination of real estate and farming
    ▪ Use of vacant indoor spaces

  • App that connects growers

    App that connects growers in need of guidance with suitable consultants 24/7

  • Field of expertise, Country, Language, Price

    Based on field of expertise, country, language and price

  • Agronomic expertise - Online

    A wide-range of agronomic expertise available online

  • Targeting growers

    Targeting growers in need of guidance without the obligation of long-term commitment of a conventional on-site agronomist or in difficult to reach locations

  • Source of revenue

    Source of revenue: charge based on % of the consultation fee or a regular subscription fee

  • Sensors

    Sensors able to monitor biosignals from the plants

  • Developed in-house

  • Stress prediction

  • Real-time monitoring of plant status

  • Gateway for sending data to the cloud

    Gateway for sending data to the cloud to allow communication and integration with agriculture hardware and software

  • Monitoring and feedback

    Monitoring and feedback from environmental influences and conditions

  • Unique cloud-based software

  • Calculation of accurate fertilization plans

  • Algorithm calculations

    Algorithm calculations based on upload of soil, water, and tissue tests

  • 215 crops

  • More than 5,000 commercial fertilizers

  • Monthly & annual subscriptions

  • White Label

    Customized B2B products (white label)

  • Function for pest monitoring

    Function for pest monitoring and treatment using AI

  • Connectivity via API

    Connectivity with other platforms via API

  • Research, design, engineering

    Research, design, engineering and manufacturing of I-Feeder fertigation systems

  • Equipment for precise dosing systems

    Original equipment manufacturer of precision dosing control systems such as used for fertigation, chemigation and waste wate

  • Established global client base

  • Products range

    Products range supporting from the basic user to fully corporate operations requiring autonomous solutions

  • HQ in London

    HQ in London, United Kingdom, branches in Omaha, United States and Cape Town, South Africa

  • Manufacturing in United Kingdom

    Manufacturing in United Kingdom, United States and South Africa to service and support globally

  • Brand with 39 years experience

    Established brand with 39 years experience in the agricultural market

  • Open marketplace

    Open marketplace for agricultural-related products and services (fresh produce, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, machinery and more)

  • Selling, buying, renting online

    Users can connect via the app and buy/sell their products and/or lease any equipment

  • Targeted audience

    Targeted audience: any individual that wants to sell their ‘surplus’ and avoid the unsold waste

  • Online sales channel

    Focus on companies and shops that want to open an additional online sales channel

  • Source of revenue

    Source of revenue: charge based on % of transaction value between the buyer and seller. Monetize website traffic for advertising revenue

  • Supply chain

    Shortening supply chain between farmer and consumer, facilitating direct sales

  • Income generating investment

    Income generating investment - a combination of real estate and farming

  • Utilization and management

    Utilization and management of vacant indoor spaces close to urban hubs

  • Generator of income

    Generator of income based on the sales of fresh produce and creating social spaces

  • Produced and sold locally

    Fruits and vegetables produced and sold locally to reduce emissions

  • Eco-friendly and modern brand

    Creation of an eco-friendly and modern brand

  • Creation of green spaces

    Creation of green spaces which can also serve as a learning environment


    A Unified Resource Ecosystem